How do I change my course?

If you have started a course at university but aren’t enjoying it for whatever reason don’t panic because you probably can change your course without too much hassle, but to make sure that you do it right follow these tips.

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Make sure you want to change your course

The first thing that you should do, before anything else, is pause take a deep breath and ask yourself why you want to change your course, and whether you’ve given yourself enough time to settle into it.

Starting university can be an overwhelming experience and making the decision to move course too early may not be the right one. Instead, try to figure out why it is that you want to change course. Sometimes external things such as stress or homesickness can make you feel like you hate your course when in fact you don’t. Consider how you are feeling and whether there is anything else that is worrying you. If you are not feeling your best, there are many places to seek help.

Figure out if you want to change your course or a module

Do you hate your course or is a certain module making you want to pull your hair out? Then the problem might be with that module instead of with the course. In this case, there are two options:

  • If the module is compulsory for your course
    You probably will have to stick it out for the duration of the term. However, you can make it more manageable. Talk to your professor about your worries and why you don’t like what you are doing. They will be able to help you out.
  • The module is not compulsory for your course
    Go ahead and change your module. Changing modules is generally a very easy process as long as there is space for you in the module you want to change to. This process might vary between universities though, so it is best to contact your tutor as they will be able to tell you specifics.

Talk to your tutor before making a final decision

Before you make your decision talk to your tutor as they will be able to advice and mentor you, which is what you might need to turn things around. Equally they might be able to introduce you to the teaching staff on a course that might be a better fit for you, so you can explore all your options.

Research what you need to do to change course

If you decide you definitely want to change your course the first thing to do is think about what course you want to do and find out what the entry requirements are; whether there are places available on that course—and try and speak to teaching staff and students to get a good understanding of the modules. And one idea will be to see if you can take a module from the course before you change to it.

How do I transfer to a different university?

Moving from one university to another is possible but bear in mind this can be a bit trickier and the process will most likely be the same as applying afresh via UCAS or trying to get a place through clearing.

Some universities will accept transfers in the middle of the year, others will let you transfer for your second year and in some cases, you may need to start over again. Whatever the case, do not throw the work that you have done away. Depending on how similar the course that you are transferring from is, you may also be able to transfer any credits that you have.

It is possible that you have to apply through UCAS again. This is not the end of the world! You have already mastered the application process. If you can start in your second year, state that you would like to do so in your application.

To know exactly what you have to do, the best thing is to contact the admissions team of the university that you are transferring to directly. They will be able to talk you through the process and tell you exactly what you need to do.

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