What Brits say vs what they actually mean

What the British say VS what they actually mean

This article about what Brits say vs what they actually mean was updated by the Great British Mag team on 3 September, 2019

Brits take etiquette seriously. They often don’t say what they are thinking because they don’t want to be rude. Instead, they say something which sounds a bit more positive. But don’t be fooled! These common phrases mean the opposite of what you think they mean.

What Brits say What you think they mean What they actually mean
I hear what you say They accept my point of view I totally disagree and do not want to discuss this further
With the greatest respect They’re listening to me This is stupid
I almost agree They’re not far from agreement I do not agree at all
That’s not bad That’s poor That’s good
Quite good Very good Not very good
Very interesting Wow, they’re impressed with what I’m saying Boy, this person is boring and talking nonsense
Incidentally/by the way That’s not important That’s the main point
I’m sure it’s my fault They think it’s their fault This is your fault
I only have a few minor comments There’s no major issue Please redo the whole thing
You must come to dinner They want me to come This is not an invitation; I’m just being polite
Sorry They’re sorry, but for what? I simply want to ask a question
I might join you later They might be coming later There’s no chance that I’m coming out
I’ll bear it in mind They’ll consider my suggestion There’s no way I’m doing that
How are you? They want to know how I’m doing Please don’t tell me your life story