What is Sport Relief?

What is Sport Relief?

This article about Sport Relief was published by the Great British Mag content team on 10 March, 2020 

Sport Relief is a special day of the year when Brits come together to raise money for the charity Comic Relief. This charitable day is now 35 years old and raised nearly £64 million in 2019 for some of the poorest and most vulnerable people across the UK and Africa.

Comic Relief was launched in 1985 from a refugee camp in Sudan and was broadcast live on Christmas Day on BBC 1. Comedians and celebrities have supported the charity ever since by taking part in the TV programme and releasing songs. JK Rowling even wrote two special Harry Potter books, which raised £18 million in 2000.

The organisation alternates each year between hosting Red Nose Day and Sport Relief. This year Sport Relief is on 13 March, 2020.  

How can I get involved with Sport Relief?

You can order a free fundraising pack online that includes materials to start your own fundraiser with the proceeds going to the charity. You are encouraged to organise your own sport-themed to raise money for the cause and promote personal wellness.  The Sport Relief website also lists teams you can donate to. 

What is the Sport Relief Telethon?

Every year BBC 1 hosts a show that brings together famous comedians, actors and celebrities who entertain the nation and encourage people to make generous donations to improve the lives of the poorest around the world.

This year’s show will be on 13 March, 2020 and will be broadcast from 7pm to midnight on BBC 1. The show will feature a variety of sketches and the Celebrity Boat Race on the Salford Quays. 

What merchandise can I buy to support the cause?

If you are a fan of t-shirts and want something that is limited edition and cool, then get your hands on the 2020 Sport Relief merchandise. Other items available include lanyards, wristbands and water bottles. 

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