Five facts about St George

St George Patron Saint of England

The Great British Mag content team updated the article Five facts about St George on 19 December 2019.

Saint George’s Day, on 23 April, is a time of celebration in England. The nation’s patron saint is one interesting character and there are many myths and legends about him, so brush up on your trivia to impress you English friends.

Five facts about St George

1. He’s everyone’s friend. St George would be the most popular guy in the groupchat if he were alive today. He’s the patron saint of England, Georgia, Malta, Ethiopia, and Palestine, to name a few.

2. He probably never visited England. There’s a saying: “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” The actual, historical truth is that he was born in what is now Turkey and probably never visited England.

3. He wasn’t England’s first pick. The first patron saint of England was St Edmund, aka Edmund the Martyr. He was eventually replaced in 1199, when King Richard I decided he liked St George better. Sorry, Ed.

4. He (supposedly) had nine lives. It is believed that St George was crushed between two spiked wheels and boiled in molten lead. Legend says neither killed him, but we’re pretty sure he wound up flatter than a pancake.

5. He shares his death date with William Shakespeare. England’s patron saint and England’s greatest writer both kicked the bucket on 23rd of April.

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