Are things from the £1 shop good quality?

Ahh, the £1 shop. It’s every Brit’s little secret. Because come on – who doesn’t want to save money on everyday essentials? Especially when things are often twice as expensive in other shops.

The draw is undeniable and once you’re in the shop, the urge to buy things you hadn’t intended to buy takes over. They are only £1. Who could resist?

The trick is to buy wisely. Non-perishable food, for example, is a good buy. So are toiletries and stationery. But stay clear of the kitchenware. Buying a saucepan for a £1 and then expecting it to last for more than a week is pushing it. And no one wants to buy tupperware that doesn’t close properly. Your beautiful sandwich will end up a pile of mush at the bottom of your bag.

You should also avoid buying perishable food unless you plan to eat it immediately. A lot of food can be sold for £1 because it’s near its expiration date. Sure, you can buy twenty packets of biscuits for only £1 apiece, but if you have to eat them all by tomorrow is it really a bargain?

I would impress on you to use extreme caution when you enter your local £1 shop. Fight the urge to buy stuff you don’t need by making a list, setting yourself a budget and sticking to it. And most importantly, when you pick up the 1 million sheet writing pad, ask yourself: When was the last time you took a writing pad to a lecture?

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