What does a poppy, growing a moustache and not going shopping have in common? Well they are all linked to charitable things you can do this month before you over-indulge in December.

Movember – Men’s Health Month

What: Movember – Men’s Health Month

Where: Global

When: 1st – 30th November

Cost: Free

Be part of the global movement to help men live longer and healthier lives. In the UK alone, men die on average four years before women due to lack of health awareness.

Get involved and get sponsored for growing a moustache (if you can grow one) or committing to exercising for 30 days!

Tar Barrel Race

What: Tar Barrel Race

Where: Ottery St Mary, Devon

When: 5th November

Cost: Free

If you want to see something different than your normal firework display and bonfire for Guy Fawkes night, you should check out the Tar Barrel race in the small village of Ottery in Devon.

The idea is simple. Wooden barrels are soaked in tar, which is highly flammable, and set on fire. Once the barrel is burning fiercely, it’s hoisted onto the shoulders of the brave villagers (including children!) who then run through the streets with it.

This tradition goes back some 400 years, but no one knows exactly how the tradition started or why. The many theories include it marking the gunpowder plot of 1605. The other theory is that it was once a way for these coastal villages to warn each other of an imminent invasion by sea.

Two-minute Silence for Remembrance Day

Photo by: Senior Airman Teresa M. Hawkins

What: Two-minute silence for Remembrance Day

Where: Nationally

When: 11th November at 11am

Cost: Free

Each year on the second Sunday in November, people in the UK remember the men and women who gave their lives in the two World Wars and subsequent conflicts.

Poppies are worn as a symbol of respect to mark Armistice Day, which many Brits refer to as Remembrance Day or Poppy Day.

On 11th November at 11am, the nation observes a two-minute silence to mark the end of the first World War, which officially ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.

Every town and city will have events to mark Armistice Day and the two-minute silence on the day.

Diwali on the Square

What: Diwali in London

Where: Trafalgar Square

When: 3rd November

Cost: Free

Diwali is the beautiful Hindu festival of lights symbolising ‘victory of light over darkness’, typically lasting five days.

Now in its 18th year, Diwali on the Square brings the breathtaking festival to Trafalgar Square and includes performances, market stalls and workshops.

Be careful though, it attracts a whopping 35,000 people on average each year.

International Students’ Day

What: International Students’ Day 

Where: Global

When: 17th November

Cost: Free

International Students’ Day is a global observance of the student community. Its origins come from the commemoration of the Nazi storming of Czech universities in 1939.

Now the day celebrates the multiculturalism of the student community at universities across the world. Most universities celebrate International Students’ Day by organising an event for their international students.

Royal Variety Performance

What: Royal Variety Performance

Where: Palladium Theatre, London

When: 18th November

Cost: Prices starting at £70

Imagine seeing the best comedy, music, dance and magic performances in the presence of the Queen. And all in the name of charity! Well, such an evening exists and it is called the Royal Variety Performance.

The show has 152 million views worldwide when it is televised but you can buy tickets to the actual performance, which includes an after-show party attended by celebrities. Now if this isn’t one for your bucket list, I don’t know what is.

Buy Nothing Day

What: Buy Nothing Day

Where: Global

When: 29th November

Cost: Literally nothing

Can you resist the urge to shop for just one day? Then join the global movement that aims to stop us shopping endlessly for stuff that we don’t need. This year it goes head-to-head with Black Friday, the direct opposite!

Are you up for the challenge?

Join the movement #BuyNothingDay and get your friends and family involved.