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Feburary is LGBTQ+ History Month in the UK – an annual month long observance of LGBTQ+ history and a time to commemorate the history of the gay rights movement in the UK. But have you also heard of Pride Month, which takes place every year in June? Pride officially comemerates the Stonewall Uprising of June 1969, which is considered the beginning of the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement.

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Pride celebrations are held across the UK every summer and include parades, lectures, concerts, fundraising drives, and more. They are hugely popular, drawing tens of thousands of people every year. Although Pride events are dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ people and sharing their stories, allies are welcome to attend.

Fancy going? Then check out one of these Pride events across the UK.

Pride in London

When: Events are throughout the month of June, with the city-wide parade on 2 July 2022.

Where: Across London, but the parade traditionally starts at Portland Place.

Cost: Ticket prices vary event by event. The big parade is free.

When it comes to Pride, London goes big. Rather than reserving a weekend for Pride festivities, London dedicates an entire month to a variety of events, from lectures to a Pride’s Got Talent competition. 2022 marks 50 Years since the first Pride event took place in the United Kingdom, so the campaign in 2022 will commerate the past 50 years. 

Pride Edinburgh

When: 25 June 2022

Where: The parade starts at Horse Wynd from 12pm and finishes at Potterrow Dome.

Cost: Free

This year’s theme: Let It Be!

2022 is the 25th anniversary of Scotland’s national Pride festival, so you know it’s going to be a massive celebration. Expect bagpipes, ceilidhs and unicorns at this signature Pride Scotia march. 

Bristol Pride

When: July 2022 (exact date yet to be confirmed)

Where: The Downs

Cost: Free

At just over 10 years old, Bristol Pride is one of the youngest festivals on this list, but that isn’t stopping it from going all-out. The 10-day festival celebrates and champions the LGBTQ+ community in the South West of England. 

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Northern Pride Festival

When: 22–24 July 2022

Where: Town Moor, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Cost: Free

This year’s theme: #RememberResistRiseUp

Northern Pride has a packed programme of events planned to the lead up of the festival, including the Local Hero Awards, which highlight the impact that LGBTQ+ community and allies have made on Newcastle’s community over the last 50 Years. And make sure not to miss the popular family dog show “Paws with Pride.” 

Belfast Pride Festival

When: 22 July – 31st July with Pride Day on 30th July 2022

Where: Belfast Pride Centre

Cost: Free

This year’s theme: #bproud2022

Because it’s a community-focused, community-run event, Belfast Pride isn’t as commercialised as some of its bigger counterparts – and for many, that’s part of the attraction. Alongside the parade, there will be a Pride Village offering a variety of activities, food, support services, and more. If the hustle and bustle overwhelms you, take a breather in the dedicated quiet space.

belfast pride parade
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Brighton & Hove Pride Festival

When: 5 – 7 August 2022

Where: Preston Park

Cost: The parade is free, but prices for ticketed events vary; tickets for the main event, Pride in the Park, start at £37.50.

This year’s theme: FABULOSO – A fantastic and fabulous celebration of who you are!

Arguably the UK’s most famous Pride festival, Brighton & Hove’s annual event draws huge crowds and superstar entertainers. This year will host mainstage artists including popular favourite attractions like Cabaret Tents and Queer Town. There will also be Queer theatre, spoken word poetry and pop and alternative cabaret.

Manchester Pride Festival

When: 27-30 August

Where: Canal Street, Manchester

Cost: The parade is free. 

Manchester pulls out all the stops for Pride. The festival headliners are still to be announced, but last year it was Annie Mac, Katy B and Example. There’s a big Gay Village Party complete with food and a sing-a-long cinema, a Youth Pride especially for young people and a candlelit vigil to commemorate the victims of HIV/AIDS.

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