How to sort out problems with your housemates at uni

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This article was updated by the Great British Mag editorial team on 26 January 2022.

One of the most challenging things about being at university is living away from home, and often with others whether that is on campus in student halls or sharing a flat or house with other students.  Whilst it should be a great experience sometimes it doesn’t work out.

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In this article we cover how to avoid conflict with people you live with and what to do if you start having problems. We would also recommend you check out our tips on how to get over the nervousness of living with others.

1) Precaution is everyone’s friend

Living with new people is challenging. You will all have your own ways of doing things and tolerance to things like mess and noise. Therefore, putting some ground rules in place, having cleaning rotas and regular meetings, so things can be discussed, are good way of avoiding conflict.

2) Talk through the problem

If something is bothering you then its best to address it with the individual or the people you will live with face-to-face and as early as possible. Acknowledge the position of others and try and find a solution that works for everyone, and above all keep it friendly.

3) Put it in writing

If you feel your concerns are not being heard by the individual or the people you live with then write them a letter telling them what is bothering you.  Keep the letter short, factual and friendly. Offer solutions and acknowledge others perspective. Then give it a little time to see if things get better.

4) Get external help

If you feel you have tried to resolve the issue yourself and you aren’t getting anywhere you can get help from the Students Union, your university and if you live in student halls or purpose built student accommodation then you can speak to the staff, who will be able to offer you advice and possibly acts as an arbitrator.

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