How to fly to the UK cheaply

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This article was written by the Great British Mag editorial team on 10 Nov 2020.

Are the expenses relating to your move to the UK stacking up? Well one way to save money is to get your flight as cheap as possible and in this article, we tell you how.

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Book as early as possible

As soon as you have secured your UK student visa start looking for a flight. That way you can take advantage of sales, early booking promotions and avoid booking and flying during the peak time when other students will be travelling.

Be flexible with the day and time you fly

Try and choose a day and a time that isn’t popular to save money. It might mean you arrive in the UK at a slightly inconvenient time but transport from the airports starts early in the UK so you should not have too many problems making your onward journey. Plus, with  the money you save you will be able to  treat yourself to a taxi. 

If you are booking directly with an airline view the tickets using the ‘calendar view’ that way you will be able to see which days and times work out cheaper.

Use flight comparison sites

Typically you can save between 10% and 50% by going through a flight comparison site, such as Skyscanner. The added advantage is it will save you time comparing the prices offered by different airlines.

Negotiate with the travel agent or airline

It is always worth comparing quotes and negotiating. The company wants your business so you may secure a further discount, or they may throw in extra luggage allowance or a meal voucher.

Book through travel agents for students

Most airlines offer a student discount and run deals all the time – but comparing all the discounts and checking they are still valid when you want to book can be time consuming, so use a specialist travel agent, such as Student Universe, because they have all the best student discounts.

Redeem vouchers, rewards and air miles

Have you or your parents been collecting reward points or built up some airmiles? If the answer is yes, then this might be the time to cash them in. Do also keep an eagle eye out for flash sales, by registering with the airline of your choice.

Look for student discounts and deals

Look online but also get in touch with your university, accommodation provider and if you have used an agent to help you with your application, ask them if they have a promo code they can share with you.

Fly with a connection

Flying with a connecting flight rather than a direct flight will nearly always prove cheaper, so uncheck the ‘direct flights only’ box when you are searching for flights. And yes it will take you more time to get to your final destination, but see it as an adventure. If possible choose a stopover that allows you to leave the airport and do something fun.

Buy a return ticket

On-the-whole it is cheaper to buy a return ticket, so figure out when you might want to come back home and buy a return ticket. Some airlines, such as British Airways, allow you to change dates easily and your ticket is valid for one year.

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