How to fill in the UK contact tracing form

How to fill in the UK contact tracing form

If you are travelling to the UK, you will need to take certain steps due to COVID-19 which include self-isolating for 14 days and providing your journey and contact details by completing an online form 48 hours before you travel to the UK. Click here to start filling out the form.

What information will I need to complete the form?

  • Passport (for passport number and other information)
  • Name of the airline, train or ferry company
  • Booking reference
  • Arrival airport, station or port
  • Arrival date
  • Flight, train or bus number
  • Quarantining address
  • Emergency contact
  • How do I fill in the form?

How do I complete the form?

You complete the form online. Do not print it off and complete with a pen. When you arrive at the UK border either show a printed copy of the document attached to your confirmation email or the document attached to the confirmation email on your phone

Border Force officers will use the QR code at the top of the document to check you have completed the form successfully.

Why do I need to complete this form?

The government will use the information you give to contact you if someone you’ve travelled with develops coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms.

Is there a charge for the form?

No, the UK Government is not charging any fees to process this form and as it is a simple form you should be able to complete it yourself in a few minutes, you just need internet access and a phone or computer.

Should I complete this form if I have already completed a similar form in another country?

Yes, before entering the UK you must complete this form. Failure to do so may result in you not being able to enter the country, being delayed at the airport or receiving a fine.

What happens if I do not complete the form?

You must complete the form. Failure to do so may result in you not being able to leave the airport and possibly getting a fine of up to £100.

How long with this requirement be in place?

The UK Government is reviewing its policies relating to COVID-19 every three weeks.

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