How do I get into a UK university via Clearing

How do I apply via clearing as an international student

This article was published by the Great British Mag content team on 4 August, 2021

If you didn’t make the grade to get onto your chosen course at a UK university or missed the June deadline don’t worry you can still come to the UK by going through something called ‘clearing’ – which will help you find an alternative course at your preferred university or another university.

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Reasons to go through clearing?

You can apply through clearing if:

  • You did not get the grades you needed for your chosen course
  • You did not receive an offer from a UK university for a place on an undergraduate course
  • You do not want to accept a place on the degrees you have been offered
  • Your grades are better than you expected so you want to apply to something else
  • You missed the 30thJune deadline to apply for an undergraduate course

Steps to go through clearing

Follow these steps to go through clearing as an international student:

  1. If you are applying to university for the first time through clearing set up a UCAS account. Your agent can do this if you are using one to make your application.
  2. Complete the application process which will include writing a personal statement that will impress the admissions officer. Once you have done this you will get login details to track your application, a clearing number and a personal ID number.
  3. You can now search for vacancies. To do this you have three options: 
      • You can use the UCAS website and search for all the undergraduate courses that still have vacancies.
      • If you haven’t applied for a degree course or were not offered a place on any course in June you can use the UCAS Clearing Plus service which essentially matches you with a course that you might be interested in based on what you told UCAS on your application form.
      • You can go to your preferred university’s webpage and search for vacancies on courses you are interested in or call the admissions department.
  4. Once you find a course that is of interest contact the universities admissions department. Some universities will have a chat function on their website or a freephone number otherwise ring the number for the admissions department.
  5. Explain that you are interested in applying to the course through clearing and give them your clearing number and personal ID number. If you are using an agent, they can do this for you.

TOP TIP: The most course vacancies will go live on the UCAS website after British students receive their A’level results on 10th August

  1. If a university wants to offer you a place, they will contact you with an offer.
  2. Once you have your offers choose the one that most interests you. Move fast, the offers will not be there forever.
  3. Accept the offer from the university and confirm your place on the UCAS website. And remember you can only add one course as your choice on the UCAS website and your interest will only be lodged officially once it is recorded by UCAS.
  4. Once the university has confirmed through UCAS your place is secure.

Congratulations you can now start planning your move to the UK!

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