9 ways to survive self-quarantine

10 ways to survive quarantine

The current UK Government guidelines mean that students arriving from anywhere in the world will have to self-quarantine for 14 days, which is tough.

Read our 10 tips to help you prepare for it and make the time as productive and positive as possible.

1) Arrange your bank account before you arrive

Life will be a bit tricky without a UK debit card, so open a current account before you arrive. We would say leave yourself 2-3 weeks to get this sorted. Then when you arrive you will get a debit card send to you within 48 hours of arriving. Click here to get this sorted.

2) Get a UK number and SIM sent to you

When you arrive you will need data and lots of it so you can shop and sort things out online, so arrange for a UK SIM to be sent to you wherever you are in the world with £5 of credit loaded onto it. We would recommend you do this 10 days before you leave for the UK. Click here to get this sorted.

3) Arrange a taxi from the airport

If your university isn’t arranging transportation to pick-up students from the airport or you would prefer to travel by taxi to your accommodation then you can book a taxi. You can book one up to three months in advance by downloading the Addison Lee App, which is an award-winning taxi firm that operates in most large cities. And if you make the journey before 21 Sept and use the promo code RIDE8 you will get £8 off your first ride.

4) Arrange for a food parcel to delivered to you

To ensure you have enough food to last for 14-days order an essential food pack, that includes all the basics such as long-life milk, pasta, rice, noodles and some luxuries such as chocolate. The pack costs £39, which includes delivery, and if you quote GBMAG10 at checkout you will get a 10% discount.

5) Pamper yourself

See your new place as a spa and indulge in treatments and ultimate relaxation. You can order everything from bath salts, manicure sets, vitamins as well as all your toiletries and even designer facemasks online from Boots.com. 

6) Buy frozen food and get it delivered

Eating healthy is important but buying fruit and vegetables means you have to eat them fast before they go off, so buy your favourites frozen from Iceland, a UK supermarket that specialises in frozen foods but you can also buy other staples as well online and get it delivered the next day. If your order is over £35 the delivery is free and if you use the promo code ICEFIVE with your first order worth £40 or more  you will get a £5 discount. 

7) Get cooking

Whether you are an avid cook or want to get better at cooking, especially now that you are away from home, then grab some exotic ingredients from Red Rickshaw, which specialises in Asian ingredients, to cook up something awesome. Red Rickshaw will deliver for free and give you a £5 discount on your first shop over £55.

8) Get a new style British style

With all this time on your hands reinvent yourself and get a new wardrobe. Brits are known for their style and we have amazing UK fashion brands such as TopShop which is high on style but great for the student budget. And if you want to look the part on campus then grab yourself a cool satchel from the world-famous Cambridge Satchel Company. 

9) Get creative

Did you know drawing, painting and generally doing something arty can help you relax, so during your quarantine get creative and you never know it might be the start of a brand new hobby.  You can order everything you need online from Wilko, and get it delivered the very next day.