Need a hand finding a part time or graduate job?

Well, to assist you, we have teamed up with Sally Blyth, a career coach who has helped thousands of international students get jobs with top companies in the UK, such as the ‘big four’, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Intel, and Burberry.

Sally will advise you on how to craft the perfect British CV, prepare for interviews and assessment centres, and give you the support and confidence to succeed and get that perfect job offer.

As a subscriber you will get a FREE 30-minute consultation and 10% off career development coaching packages that will help you:

  • Clarify your career goals
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  • Complete job applications
  • Prepare for online tests
  • Prepare you for interviews and assessment centres

Thank you for helping me all the time. I really appreciate it as well! You are so kind to me and give me a lot of ideas that help me improve my interview skills a lot! I hope every student who is eager to find a job in the UK will be inspired by your coaching too!