Figuring out how to transfer the money you will need to finance your move to the UK can be complicated so using a money transfer company that makes it super simple and gives you 3 FREE TRANSFERS certainly takes away some of the stress.

TrustPilot rates WorldRemit as excellent for good reason as they provide a quick and reliable service whilst giving customers the best transfer fees and keeping their fees competitive.

Money transfer options

  1. Mobile Money is perfect if you haven’t yet organised a UK bank account because you can credit an electronic wallet on your smartphones or basic feature phone and have money safely stored on your phone to use in shops and online as soon as you arrive in the UK. And if you need cash you can withdraw cash from your Mobile Money account at an authorised WorldRemit agent.
  2. Once you have organised your UK bank account you can get your parents to transfer money straight into that account.
  3. WorldRemit has hundreds of authorised agents in the UK if you need cash in an emergency. your parents can transfer the money, give you a reference number which you use along with photo ID to pick-up the money instantly.

The benefits of using WorldRemit

  • Transfer money to 160 countries
  • Transactions are completed in minutes
  • Store money on your phone safely using Mobile Money. A good option until you have sorted out a UK bank account.
  • Competitive exchange rate
  • Low transfer fee
  • Excellent customer support