Having a UK phone number will be convenient and cheaper, And being with a company that is consistently voted for having the best packages will help you make your money go further!

That’s why we have teamed up with giffgaff, uSwitch Mobile Network of the Year 2019, because they not only have the best SIM only packages but they can also send you a UK phone number and SIM, with £5 credit*, to you before you arrive in the UK.

CLICK HERE to order your UK number and SIM and get it delivered to you within seven days if you are overseas or the very next day if you’re already in the UK

So, why choose giffgaff?

  • SIM delivery to you internationally within seven days, or next day delivery within the UK
  • £5 bonus credit
  • No contracts, use the giffgaff SIM whilst you’re here, then simply stop using when you head home
  • Competitive plans packed full of calls and data, that range from £6 to £25 per month
  • Flexible
  • Great international calling rates
  • An incredible online community on hand 24/7 to help with any questions, queries or if you just want to chat (we’re a friendly bunch)

*Put £10 worth of credit on your SIM to claim the £5 bonus credit.