When you are unwell or have a health concern seeing a doctor quickly is the first step to recovery.

Online appointments through Push Doctor give you access to NHS-trained doctors wherever, and whenever you need them – all you need is an internet connection and a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Speak to a doctor over video chat, picking a day or time that suits you best, even if that time happens to be the very same day.

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What can online GPs offer?

As well as health advice, online GPs can provide prescriptions, referrals and sick notes, all of which will be made available at your designated pharmacy within an hour of the appointment.

How do online appointments differ from face-to-face appointments?

In many ways, they don’t. Our online appointments are  regulated by the Care Quality Commission, all of our GPs on the NHS National Performers List, and registered with the General Medical Council. You can speak to an online GP exactly as you would face-to-face.

Will an online GP have access to my medical history?

Only with your permission. If you grant it, you won’t need to repeat yourself. Your online GP will have access to your full medical history, updating your records and working closely with the surgery throughout.