Why do red-haired people get picked on?


Unfortunately ginger-hating has a long history in the UK. It’s become the subject of much comedy and in some cases abuse, to the extent that there are even social networking websites and festivals created exclusively for red-haired people!

Red-haired people are stereotyped as having negative character traits, such as fiery tempers, a huge sexual appetite, and associations with the occult. It all started in ye olde England!

In medieval times, having green eyes and red hair was seen as a sign of witchery. But since then, thank God, attitudes have progressed, although once in a while you still hear of cases of ginger-bullying and exclusion.

Red-haired women are generally seen as more attractive than red-haired men (although a lot of red-haired women dye their hair). Nicole Kidman and Lily Cole are pioneers for stunning red heads in popular culture, whereas Savid Caruso (who plays Horatio Caine in CSI Miami) hasn’t achieved the same success…

But just because others pick on people with red hair doesn’t mean you have to join in!

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