What is a hot cross bun?

What is a hot cross bun

You may have noticed what looks like bread rolls with a white cross being sold at supermarkets and bakeries. You may be confused to whether they are a cake or a bread roll? And you maybe asking yourself why they are  being sold before Easter? So let us answer some of these questions.

History of the hot cross bun

Hot cross buns were invented by the Christians in ancient Rome and are a traditional snacks eaten during Easter. They are made of sweet, spiced bread dough with raisins which is baked. Most people eat hot cross buns either toasted or cold with loads of butter.

The reason they are usually seen around this time of year is because of the Easter celebrations. During Easter Christian’s associate crosses with Jesus being crucified on Good Friday and the cross on top of the bun is used to symbolise this link.

In fact Hot Cross Buns are so popular in UK we even have a song about them which is sung in schools.

Hot cross buns!
Hot cross buns!
One ha’ penny, two ha’ penny,
Hot cross buns!
If you have no daughters,
Give them to your sons
One ha’ penny,
Two ha’ penny,
Hot Cross Buns

There are many superstitious beliefs surrounding these buns, including they protect against a shipwreck and if you hang one in your home it protects you from a fire. It is also believed that if you split a hot cross bun with a friend then the friendship will endure throughout the following year.