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Xmas Jumper Day (15 Dec)

What: National Christmas Jumper Day

When: 15 Dec

Where: Nationwide

Cost: The cost of a jumper

Are you ready for National Christmas Jumper Day, on 15 Dec?

Will you be joining in with the fun of wearing the most hideous Christmas jumper you can buy or knit, all in the name of charity?

Go on and help raise money for the amazing children's charity, Save the Children.

To raise as much money as possible make sure your jumper has a Christmas theme.  Jumpers with snowmen, Santa Claus or a Christmas pudding get a thumbs up, and if you can pick up a novelty jumper with Christmas bobbles, lights or sounds that’s even better.

Remember there is just one rule. There are no rules and the tackier the jumper the better.

If you’d like to get involved in the fundraising visit the official website.

Christmas jumper madness is here

GB Mag team doing their bit for charity!

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