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The Chap Olympiad - 14 Jul

What: The Chap Olympiad 

Where: Bedford Square, London

When: 14th July

Cost: £25

Facial hair (real or fake), tweed and lashings of Pimm’s are all winning essentials for the Chap Olympiad. Unlike the proper Olympics, which is a test of sporting skill and prowess, the Chap Olympiad is a test of true British Gentlemanly-ness (no, it is not a real word).  

So, what exactly is a ‘chap’? Well it is a man who is stereotypically a gentleman. He dresses nicely, is well-mannered and believes in old world charm and chivalry. Think Colin Firth in...well any of the films he has ever made!

Head down to Bedford Square to see people in their vintage finery at the event partaking in some classic British games that have been given a little twist, such as the bicycle jousting.

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