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Summer Solstice Fest 18-19 Jun

What: Summer Solstice Fest 18-21 Jun

When: 18 - 21 June

Where: Stonehenge - Amesbury, Wiltshire

Cost: £110

The formation of rocks, known as Stonehenge, is one of the seven wonders of the world and dates back an estimated 5,000 years, but no one really knows why it was built or by whom.

But for hundreds of years it has been a place people go to celebrate the longest day of the year – the Summer Solstice.

Thousands of people gather to party all night until the sunrise on 21 June, so why not check it out. The added-bonus is the Stonehenge Summer Music Festival, happens at the same time.

The festival is near Stonehenge and you can hire a tent or bring your own, there is live music and best of all there is a private bus service to take you to Stonehenge for the party.




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