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Best Holi celebrations

The Hindu Festival of Holi, which is also known as the "festival of colours" signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to have fun.

Traditionally, celebrated over two days with a bonfire on the first day and throwing vibrant colour on the second day.

Holi, which starts on 2nd Mar this year, is widely celebrated throughout the UK and you’ll definitely find an event near you or one on campus. However, if you’re willing to travel further afield these are our favourite.


Celebrations in Manchester, organised by the local Indian Association, will see a colour-throwing session followed by music, dancing and Indian food.

Date and time:  20  March, 1-4pm. Colour-throwing until 2pm
Location: Platt Fields Park, Manchester 
Cost: Free - but colour has to be bought at the venue at 50p per pot


If you want to party in London then the Holi Land Festival of Colours is the event for you. The party starts on Fri 18 March and goes through to 3am!

Date and time:  March 18 from 1pm to 3am
Location: STUDIO 338, 338 Tunnel Ave, Boord Street, SE10 0PF London
Cost: early bird tickers from £30, including one packet of colour


The Aberdeen Holi Mela is the biggest celebration in Scotland and involves plenty of colour throwing, hot food stalls and DJ’s pumping out Bollywood music.

Date and time: 24 Mar - 12noon
Location: Ashdale Hall, Westhill Drive, Westhill, Aberdeen, AB32 6FY
Cost: £5 on the door (advance tickets have been sold)


An event for you to put in your diary for the summer is the Cardiff Colour Festival involving the same powder-throwing tradition as Holi  

Date and time: 4 June, 2pm-midnight
Cost: from £35.11
Location: Titan Road, Splott Market, Cardiff CF24 5JB

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