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World’s longest football match set for Manchester

Alex Riches

Just how long is the world record for one game of football?

World’s longest football match set for Manchester

GOOAAALLL... The old world record will hopefully be beaten in May.            

THE answer is 64 hours and three minutes. That’s the current record for the longest game of football held by a team of amateurs in Holland. But we Brits are ambitious. We still dream of being the best country in the world when it comes to playing football. But seeing as we have no chance of beating Spain, Germany or Brazil, we have to set our sights a bit lower.

World’s longest football match set for Manchester

On Thursday 2nd May at 8pm 36 players from Manchester and Stockport will take part in the Midshire F72 world record attempt for the longest non-stop game of football ever played by two teams. During the monster 72 hours two teams will be fielded, each having to substitute players a number of times. However, the rules of the record state that only 18 players can play for each side, meaning only seven people will be available for substitution to replace the knackered (that means tired) players.

The 72-hour game is estimated to take up as much time as 48 standard football games, with the co-organiser Nick Rose predicting that ‘the winning team will probably need to score around 500 goals’. You only have to look at the record number of goals scored in an international game is 31-0 when Australia played American Samoa in 2001 to see just what a massive game this is set to be.

The game is trying to raise money for the Francis House Children’s Hospice in Manchester with sponsor money pouring in from all over the North-west and surrounding boroughs. The teams are still looking for sponsorship, so feel free to head to the Midshire F72 website and get involved with this very worthwhile cause.

The game will take place at Stretford High School football pitch and will be open for 24 hours a day for supporters and fans to join in and watch the match. The game will hopefully end on Sunday 5th May at 8pm, providing all the players can make it to the end of the match and if it doesn’t overrun. There’s every chance that the teams could go to extra-time, or even a penalty shoot-out...

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