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Who are Wallace and Gromit & why is the moon made of cheese?

Jessie Brown

Classic British characters Wallace and Gromit go on the tourism promotion trail.

A MAN and a dog who go on an adventure to see if the moon is really made of cheese…does this sound strange to you? The answer is probably yes, and yet like all good British things this eccentric pair are among the nation’s all-time favourite television characters.

Wallace the plasticine man and his dog Gromit are British television royalty and are also the new face of Visit Britain’s holiday in the UK campaign.

Who are Wallace and Gromit?

Basically Wallace is an absent-minded English gentleman from Wigan in Manchester, UK. He is an inventor but often his inventions go terribly wrong and lead to outlandish adventures. He also loves cheese! Wallace has a dog called Gromit who never speaks but has a very animated face. Gromit knows Wallace is a bit silly and often gets dragged into his ridiculous but humorous adventures.

Why do Brits love them?

These two characters are endearing and eccentric which are two things the Brits love. But also Wallace and Gromit are excellent international ambassadors with two Academy Awards for short films, one for a feature film and several other nominations.

Must-watch Wallace and Gromit

The Wrong Trousers – Wallace gets Gromit a pair of an ex-NASA Techno Trousers so he doesn’t have to ‘walk the dog’ anymore. But it all goes wrong when the trousers go haywire!

A Close Shave – All you need to know is the story involves a bald sheep, an evil dog and a crazy plot to make profitable dog food.

A Grand Day Out – This is GB Mag’s personal favourite. Wallace and Gromit run out of cheese, so they decide to go to the moon to get some. Everyone knows the moon is really made of cheese.

What is your favourite Wallace and Gromit moment? Let us know in the comment box below.

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