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What will William and Kate’s baby be named?

Alex Riches

As the royal baby due-date draws nearer, which name will be chosen for the new royal?

Kate and Wills

Place your bets... Bookies have released the odds on the baby name for the happy couple.    

WHEN will the royal baby be born? Will it be a boy or girl? Will it be in-line for the throne? All these affect what name Kate & Will’s soon-to-be royal baby will be called. But that hasn’t stopped the UK and the rest of the world speculating what the royal baby will be called when it is born.

It’s an interesting debate actually. Unlike an ordinary child, who can be named whatever the parents want, this child will be a royal. This means the name has to be classic and traditional. Something regal like George or Henry. So Kevin, Stephen and Robert are out. King Bobby doesn’t really have the right sound to it, does it? If we remove all the names that are very unlikely to be chosen, you end up with boy and girl names that make up a shortlist. And because there is a definitive shortlist of likely names, some enterprising companies have started taking bets on what name will be chosen.

Here are the odds from a number betting agencies:

Diana: From the late wife of Prince Charles who was the Princess of Wales, this name has a 6-1 ratio - £1 gets you a £6 return.

Elizabeth: The current Queens name is at 8-1 - £1 gets you £8.

Victoria: The longest serving monarch is also 8-1.

An outside bet is Chardonnay which is going for 1000-1. A £1 bet gets you £1,000...if you win.

George: Named after the most recent King is 9-1.

Philip: The Duke of Edinburgh and the Queens husband is on at 12-1.

John: One of the most popular names for kings of England is 14-1.

And a good outside bet would be Wayne. Named after the famous Manchester United football player, it is on at 250-1. Is that worth a £1 bet to get £250 back if you win?

You may have noticed that the girl’s names have lower odds than the boy’s names. That may indicate that the betting shops think the new royal may be a girl and are trying to make sure they don’t lose a lot of money if it turns out to be true. However, at this point in time there is no news about the gender of the baby, so making a choice is really down to a flip of the coin. Which one will you pick: heads or tails?

As for the name itself, the only two people it’s down to are the parents-to-be. But we do think that George the Seventh has a rather nice ring to it... But GB Mag suggests that you practice betting responsibility. We wouldn’t want to come across as irresponsible, now would we?

Thumbnail photo: Mark Burvil

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