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What is Saint David’s Day?

We explain the Welsh day and list some things you didn’t know about David.

St David's Day

Celebrate ... Find out all about Sant David's Day in Wales.   Photo: Cynulliad Cymru (Flickr)

THE Welsh celebrate and honour their patron saint, Saint David, today. This happens every year on the 1st March as it marks the day Saint David died. While this might sound grim it is actually a huge day of celebration for people in Wales.

It’s not an official bank holiday, but parades are held every year on the streets of Cardiff to commemorate David. But who was David?

  • He was a Welsh bishop from the 6th Century
  • His birthday is unknown, poor guy can never have a birthday cake
  • It is believed he visited Glastonbury during his life and commissioned a sapphire altar…but maybe he was just visiting for the Glastonbury festival.
  • He is said to have lived for more than 100 years.
  • His most well-known phrase is "Do ye the little things in life".
  • There is a Welsh prophecy from 930 which says the Welsh people will unite behind Saint David’s banner and defeat the English, talk about a long-running rivalry.
  • The flag of St David flies over many Welsh buildings and homes.

So happy Saint David’s Day to you all!

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