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Top 5 British Superheroes and Villains

Alex Riches

In the run up to the MCM Expo we look at the British inspired characters

Top 5 British Superheroes and Villains

Guess who... Which one of these superheros is British?

WE Brits are startlingly under-represented in the world of comic books. Since comic books' golden age in the late 1950s the Russians, the Indians and even the Mexicans have had more superheroes than our country. But the ones we have produced are easily the most eloquent, humorous and memorable characters in the comic book universe...if we do say so ourselves!

Top 5 British Superheroes and Villains

1. The Master

The main antagonist in the Doctor Who universe. The Master is an insane Time Lord who attempts to kill the Doctor and capture the TARDIS on multiple occasions. If this isn’t making much sense to you though, why not swing by and have a look at our explanation of the Doctor Who universe? The Master has the ability to regenerate himself many times to cheat death...good job the Doctor is around.

Top 5 British Superheroes and Villains

2. Loki
Played by British actor, Tom Hiddleston in three Marvel films, this character was the Norse god of mischief and brother of Thor. This troublesome god has serious sibling rivalry with Thor and repeatedly tried to kill him. Loki also tried to rule over humanity on multiple occasions. Despite this, people are still rather fond of him.


Top 5 British Superheroes and Villains

3. Lara Croft

The elegant and beautiful heiress to a British estate seems more suited to afternoon tea rather than scrambling around in tombs. But that is exactly what Lara Croft gets up to in her spare time. Wealthy heiress turned tomb raider, this character really does give credence to the term ‘girl power’.


Top 5 British Superheroes and Villains

4. Bananaman
The alter ego of Eric Wimp, this superhero was much like Superman...only he gets his powers from eating bananas. Super strength, flight, invulnerability and a plethora of banana-related gadgets make it worth eating your five-a-day. Bananaman's arch nemesis is the Impossible Man, who could hop at 100 miles per hour. This whimsical hero was popular for his entire career, although it was mainly children.

Top 5 British Superheroes and Villains5. Alfred Pennyworth

The faithful butler of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the DC comic series. Alfred was raised in England and moved to Gotham City to find work. He has been with the Wayne family for more than 50 years and is a skilful physician, trained in all aspects of medical treatment. A helpful skill, seeing as his charge usually comes home after battling with Joker, Bane and the Riddler all in one night.

So the next time you flick through a comic book or watch a superhero film, don’t forget to look out for the occasional British character, even if they may well be a villain. But then again, our silky smooth accents are perfect for a supervillain, so we don’t mind too much...

Check out our Ticklist on the 2013 MCM Expo, and stay tuned for more updates about upcoming films and games involves some of these well known characters.

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