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The UK’s most popular pet names

Alex Riches

What are the most popular names for our beloved British pets?

The UK’s most popular pet names

Seriously... We Brits have a habit of picking daft names for our pets.     Damien Sandhurst (Flickr)

AS you may have guessed, we Brits have an arguably ‘unhealthy’ infatuation with our pets. As a matter of fact, we now have more pets than the human population of Australia, Ireland and Austria have put together! But out of all the pets we have in this country, what are the most popular names?

Well, apart from the obviously boring ones like Max, Butch and Spike for male dogs, and Smokey and Tiddles for cats (no joke, they are all very popular names), we have one or two very unusual names at the top of our list. 

1. Bella
Either the prepubescent Twilight obsessions still haven’t faded or the people who got caught up in the whole book/film phenomenon are now quietly regretting naming their German Shepherd after a moody teenage girl/vampire...

2. Tigger
Sadly, no matter how much you want to have your very own bouncing Tigger from the AA. Mills book ‘Winnie the Pooh’, naming your male cat after the character isn’t going to help its bouncing abilities.

3. Al Pooch-ino
The third of our hysterically brilliant names is a little dark. Taken from the cult classic film Scarface, the owners of these pets certainly want to strike fear into the hearts of postmen all around the world. Just imagine sitting in the vet’s waiting room and you hear your pets name being called out over the tannoy... priceless.

4. Mr Whiskers
Yet another male cat name that is high on our list. Very popular with those trying to infuse their cat with a high-brow and sophisticated demeanour. Not that it’s going to stop them bringing in dead wildlife though. Just saying...

5. [Insert your favourite band or musician here]
Yep, it turns out that one of the most popular names for our pets is the name of a musician that we idolise. So don’t be too surprised if you hear someone walking a dog called Michael Jackson, someone chasing after their cat called Taylor Swift, or seeing a ‘missing pet’ poster of a hamster called Justin Beiber... heaven forbid!

If you have any more amusing or brilliant names, be sure to get in touch with us on our Facebook page, through Twitter, or in the comment box below.

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