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The happiest place in the UK is … Sheffield

Jessie Brown

A new study reveals the top 10 happiest places in Britain.

Sheffield is the happiest

Happy... She must be from Sheffield with that big smile.    Photo: Rory MacLeod (Flickr)

THE happiest place on earth might be Disneyland but the happiest place in the UK is Sheffield. According to a new survey, strangely conducted by the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group (TCSG), the people of Sheffield are the happiest in the whole of Britain. The survey took into account personal confidence, health, relationships, social lives, the stress of living expenses, age and a host of other things. But in the end Sheffield came out on top!

Some well-known public figures from the city of Sheffield include gold medal Olympic athlete Jessica Ennis, bands Def Leppard, the Arctic Monkeys and musicians Joe and Jarvis Cocker to name a few. With music and sporting success, no wonder these Brits are so happy!

The other top 10 happiest places in Britain are:Sheffield

  1. Sheffield
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Brighton
  4. Cardiff
  5. Liverpool
  6. Leeds
  7. London
  8. Belfast
  9. Southampton
  10. Plymouth

Where are you from? Is it a happy place? Should your town or city be higher on the list? Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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