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The five Halloween songs you WILL hear at the party

Jessica Brown

Every cringe-worthy Halloween song you need to know the words to.

Michael Jackson Thriller impersonator.

Halloween...your costume's ready, but are your dance moves? Photo:David Shankbone (Flickr)

WHILE gearing up for the Halloween party on Wednesday don’t forget to prepare your ears. Every song slightly creepy, ghoulish or cringe-worthy is pulled out for the annual celebration. At GB Mag we have gazed into our crystal ball and found the top five songs you WILL hear at your Halloween party.

1. Ghostbusters theme song: This is an international classic for Halloween celebrations. The TV program and films were global hits as the team of space-suited Ghostbusters went chasing bad guys of the spiritual kind. Don’t forget the pivotal part of the song; ‘Who you gonna call?’ GHOSTBUSTERS!!!

2. Monster Mash: Bobby Picket’s song is virtually the anthem for Halloween. The Monster Mash has easy to follow lyrics, creepy undertones and allows everyone at the party to try out their own ‘monster’ voice when singing out loud.

3. Thriller: This Michael Jackson classic not only has a spooky theme but fantastic zombie dance moves to match. Watch the video and practice the moves before the party and you will definitely be the centre of attention on the dance floor. A signature Michael Jackson moonwalk may also help.

4. The Addams Family: This family is by far one of the strangest assortments of people ever seen. But the theme song to the television show is just so catchy. And who can say no to an additional click of the fingers?

5. Werewolves of London: This song is a bit of a Brit special, but for those new to this song it was sung by Warren Zevon from the 70s. Thanks to its mention of London it tends to be played for Halloween in the UK but it was in America that the song originally found success. A warning to those who haven‘t heard this song before; the chorus of this song consists mostly of a werewolf howling. Have a listen…

*Home page photo by urbanshoregirl (Flickr)

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