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The English Football Association turns 150

Simon Westlake

It’s the 150th birthday of the FA and fans are sure to celebrate.

The English Football Association turns 150

Wembley...take a close look at the seating, it is a giant English flag. 

NEXT year sees one of the proudest British institutions, football, turn 150 years old. With a yearlong programme announced that starts in February, the English Football Association (The FA) celebrates its 150 years with some real football treats.

What is the FA? On the 26th of October 1863 a man called Ebenezer Morley sat down and wrote out the original rules of the nation’s most popular game. Football’s governing body, the FA, was born and everything in world football since can be traced back to that moment. Britain’s most popular game now has more than seven million active players and 400,000 volunteers. On the 10th of August it will be National Football Day to mark the popularity of the game as well as the hard work of all of the volunteers. And a gala dinner held on the 26th of October will be held to celebrate the day the rules where first published.


Starting with the visit of Brazil on the 6th February, England will play the five times world champions at Wembley stadium - the home and heart of football. Wembley can be found in North West London and has long been the heartland of football in the capital. Next England welcomes the Republic of Ireland on the 29th of May and Scotland on the 14th of August, which are both famous rivals to England. The all-British fixture when England plays Scotland is one of the oldest fixtures ever to be played. It is so steeped in history that all of Britain will stop and watch this one ... well all of the football lovers anyway.

The Union of European Football Associates (UEFA) Champions League final will be held at Wembley stadium for the second time in three years next year. Also to celebrate 20 years of women’s football under the stewardship of the FA, England competes in the UEFA EURO women’s finals in July. A mouth-watering football feast that will see your 2013 calendar packed with games to watch.

Embrace the nation’s game by grabbing tickets for the England internationals at Wembley for 2013.

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