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The cat gets the cream in the new Monopoly

Alex Riches

Goodbye iron and hello kitty in the next edition of Monopoly.

The cat gets the cream in the new Monopoly

Do not pass go, and do not collect £200... The iron is out and the cat is in.   Photo: Secret Pilgrim 

SHOCKING news! The iron, one of the oldest pieces on the Monopoly board, is being killed off to make way for a cat. This is pretty big news to us Brits. Before you start rolling your eyes, let us explain why.

The Basics: Monopoly is a board game where the aim is to bankrupt all other players by charging them massive amounts of money through rent and other expenses. If a player lands on a square owned by another player, then they have to pay the ‘rent’ on it. The rent prices increase as you start to build houses and hotels on your properties. Sounds fairly simple, but it is viciously competitive once it gets going!

The cat: The reason this is such big news is because us Brits develop a massive connection to the pieces in Monopoly. It’s such an old game and we have grown up with it. And because it’s changed so little, we all have that one piece that is ‘ours’. It’s part of our identity in the game of Monopoly. Try and take ‘our’ piece away from us, and it’s like saying you aren’t allowed to like your favourite colour anymore. That’s a big deal! So, replacing the iron with something else is a bit of a tragedy for those who chose that token every time they played.

Another reason why this is big news to us is because of our infatuation with cats. We’re well known for it, and we’re proud of it (no matter how embarrassing it is). We have videos, pictures, paintings, websites, clothes shops, and even charities dedicated to cats. So, it seems reasonable that our obsession with them makes the leap to one of the things that defines our ‘British-ness’ –Monopoly.

But who made this decision? It was us. Well, not directly ‘us’, but there was a public vote online where people could vote on which piece they wanted replaced. In the end it was the iron was that got the boot... Not the actual boot.

Forget it being the Year of the Snake. This is definitely the Decade of the Cat for us Brits. And quite frankly, we at GB Mag think it’s about time Monopoly got a nice little kitty.

Photo: Zen Skillicorn (Flickr)

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