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The best British TV box sets

Simon Westlake

GB Mag runs through what British TV box sets you need to watch.

The best British TV box sets

Downton Abbey... what is really going on behind those walls?

GB Mag has devised a list of the best TV box sets for the cold winter months. Everyone you ask will tell you to watch a different program, leaving you muddled and completely forlorn. The solution to this is to pick one television series and commit to it for the winter months. Here are a few suggestions from GB Mag on how to fill those cold winter nights:

SherlockThe best British TV box sets

BBC’s Sherlock has only six episodes spread over two series so it can feel short, but this is a case of quality not quantity. A favourite in English literature, Sherlock Holmes has been adapted into this thriller television series which borders on the comedic sometimes.  Sherlock and his sidekick Watson won’t leave you wanting.

MisfitsThe best British TV box sets

This is about a group of teenagers serving community service. But they get struck in a weird lightning storm and develop super powers. The first season is hilarious and the unveiling of the group’s powers is equally gripping. It is written in such a way that makes you believe in these characters rather than past clichés used when dealing with teenagers on screen.

Doctor WhoThe best British TV box sets

The British classic has stormed back into popularity, despite a twenty-year absence from our screens. Heavy investment in special-effects gives a quality only matched by cinema. With several Doctors having come and gone the casting is always spot on… the Doctor hasn’t disappointed.

Black MirrorThe best British TV box sets

Dark, dark humour in this one deals with western social issues in a comical and sometimes chilling way. Three short films ranging from the black-mailing of a Prime Ministers to a world where you have a camera-system implanted in your head for surveillance.  

The Thick of itThe best British TV box sets

This deals with the inner workings of a dying government department. It is seems a bit dry on the face of it but dig a little deeper and find that you will love to hate pretty much everyone in it. This is all about the dialogue; the fiery quips from Malcolm Tucker are worth it alone.

The InbetweenersThe best British TV box sets

About a group of four socially stunted male students, the series deals with them getting drunk and failing in their attempts with women and life in general. Sound familiar? This is arguably the funniest of all our picks…if you can sit straight-faced through some of the slap-stick moments then seek help for your humour.

Downton AbbeyThe best British TV box sets

This list wouldn’t be complete without a period drama; a typically British genre... no one else does drama about a manor house like the Brits. Set during both World Wars the series about the inner workings of a house and the people who work in it. Not just your average up stairs/down stairs drama, the compelling story lines and realism is not like anything seen before. Also it is hugely popular internationally.


Warning : all are highly addictive.

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