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Quiz: Which superhero are you?

Ever wondered what kind of superhero…or villain you would be? Find out.

Which superhero are you?

Quiz ... Which superhero or super villain are you?

WE are superhero crazy here at the GB Mag office, with the MCM Expo just around the corner. We have all at some point thought about what kind of superhero we would be. But the image you have in your head may not lead to the superhero…or villain that you wanted. Take our quick quiz to find out exactly who you would be if you had to save the world (or perhaps take over it)!

 1. Do you like to fly?

A)     Yes

B)      No

C)      I could get used to it


2. Are you prone to wearing outlandish outfits?

A)     Yes

B)      No

C)      It depends what the occasion dictates


3. Are you prone to saying ridiculous ‘catch’ phrases?

A)     Yes

B)     No

C)     I hate catch phrases


4. Do you consider yourself tech savvy?

A)     No

B)     Yes

C)     I am an expert at anything techy


5. Are you athletic or sporty?

A)     Yes

B)      No

C)      Only if running for a train…or running away from something


Mostly As

You are Captain Britain

Captain Britain

Don’t know who this is? Captain Britain is just like Captain America…though slightly less successful.  He wears a skin-tight bodysuit brandishing the union jack flag which is sure to get his wash-board abs noticed. He upholds the laws of Britain using magic powers he got from a wizard (best leave the confusing tech gadgets to other superheroes). He is a gentleman most of the time and even says things like, ‘I’ll be your champion, now and forever. I’ll be Captain Britain!’

Mostly Bs

You are Doctor Who

Quiz: Which superhero are you?

The time travelling Doctor from the science-fiction television programme is not your typical hero. He uses his brain to fix problems, rather than his muscles or special powers. He also has a very cool time travelling device called the TARDIS. Check it out here.

Mostly Cs

You are Spider-Woman

Spider Woman

Spider-Woman also known as Jessica Drew is a London born super villain. She was injected with untested spider serum as a child and gained super powers including the ability to electrocute people. She joined a terrorist organisation as an assassin, but eventually turned to the side of good and worked with the Avengers

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