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Our five favourite sweets. What are yours?

Dimple Vijaykumar

It’s no secret that us Brits have a serious sweet tooth. Here we share five of our favourite British sweets...

Best British Sweets Love Hearts
Candy... Nothing says love like British candy.

IT’S no secret that us Brits have a serious sweet tooth. From flying saucers to Percy Pigs, Creme Eggs to Chupa Chups, we have never-ending love affair with sugar. Here at GB Mag we’re celebrating some of the most quintessentially British confectionery and want to find out the nation’s current favourite candy. So far we have narrowed it down to these five:

Percy Pig SweetsPercy Pigs
Who doesn't love these adorable pink pig-faced gummy treats? They come in a variety of flavours including raspberry and grape and are sold from much-loved British retailer Marks and Spencer. Having been a staple treat in the our diets for more than a decade, they can be eaten anywhere, any time. Feeling hungry? Have a Percy Pig! Or two. Or 15.

Flying Saucers SweetsFlying Saucers
Made of rice-paper and filled with sherbet, these UFO-shaped sweets will melt in your mouth. They’re great to eat at fairs and carnivals alongside candyfloss and popcorn, and were voted the most popular sweet in a confectionery survey back in 2004. You can't just have one either, hence why they always come in packets!

Chupa ChupsChupa Chups
Although it has its origins in Spain, this lollipop has a cult following in Britain. The beauty of Chupa Chups lies in their range of quirky and unusual flavours, and everyone has at least one particular type of lollipop that they cannot resist. Do you like cola as well as bubblegum but can’t decide which you prefer? Well, you won’t be forced to choose because there’s a cola bubblegum flavour!

Werther's OriginalsWerther’s Originals
These are hard butterscotch-flavoured candies perfect for cleansing your palette after Sunday lunch at your grandparents' house. Even after 100 years of production they’re all still made using an old family recipe, which probably explains their long-lasting, wholesome and comforting taste.

Swizzels-Matlow Love Hearts
(pictured above)
These cute treats are sure to be found in almost every pick ‘n’ mix pack sold at supermarkets. They are fruity, fizzy and carry tiny messages of love to anyone who receives them. If you want to tell someone they’re a ‘Great Guy’, a ‘Nice Girl’ or ask someone for a ‘Little Kiss’, why not say it with a Love Heart?

Now the big question is: which sweet is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below...

Chupa Chups - image by Tristan Schmurr (Flickr)
Percy Pigs - image by Colin Melhuish (Flickr)
Werther's Original - Tom Hodgkinson (Flickr)
Flying Saucers - Eek the Cat 
Love Hearts - Eek the Cat

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