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Marmite is 'secret' perfume ingredient

Love it or hate it, Marmite has a new unexpected use.

Marmite is 'secret' perfume ingredient may look like black sludge but we promise it tastes different. Photo:moggsterb

GREAT news for those who love it, and bad for those who hate it ... Marmite has been revealed as the not-so-secret ingredient in a new perfume, Celtic Fire from company Union. Yes the spreadable sandwich filling Marmite finally has another use.Celtic Fire

The famous 110-year-old sticky brown paste with its distinctive taste splits Brits straight down the middle. A famous advertisement campaign that spawned its own catch phrase ‘You either love it or hate it’ sums up the relationship every Brit has with Marmite. Made from yeast extract it is completely vegetarian, very healthy and is used by millions to spread on toast in the morning. For more Marmite information take a look at our guide to everything toast including Marmite.

Smoky peat is the inspiration for this new Marmite-infused scent. Peat is the muddy looking material in bogs across the country which is also used to flavour Scottish whisky. Other iconic UK scents added to the mix include oak extract, fir balsam and pine needles. Expected to hit the shelves in Selfridges in time for Christmas at about £125 a bottle, you can treat the Marmite lover in your life to something they will love as much for the novelty of the spread's inclusion as well as the delicious scent. The fragrance has been described as oaky, smoky and intriguing … Now let's all grab some Marmite on toast thanks!

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