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Lost Sock Memorial Day

Alex Riches

A special day to commemorate all the socks that have ever been lost, or stolen by aliens.

Lost sock memorial day

Mystery...where do all those lost socks go?       Photot: Bark (Flickr)

THIS is easily one of the most heart-wrenching and emotional events in the UK calendar. Okay, maybe that’s not quite right. But opening your sock drawer to see only one sock in there is definitely one of the most depressing things to come across in the morning.

Lost Sock Memorial Day on the 9th May gives us a chance to commemorate all those socks lost in the noble battle to keep our feet warm and dry. And though they have fallen in defence of their cause, this day gives us a chance to remember them.

But how on earth did this memorial day come about? Well, after extensive and exhaustive work from GB Mag’s crack team of researchers (ahem) we have not been able to uncover anyone brave enough to claim responsibility for the creation of this touching day that has since become a viral internet sensation.

 How to mark this day? We suggest spending a short time attempting to locate the fallen brothers of the lonely socks. If that fails to yield any results, then perhaps taking a few moments to remember how warm those brave socks were, how noble they were in their desire to serve your needs, and how unflinching they were when faced with the prospect of your smelly toes...while pondering the ultimate question; where do all the lost socks go? 

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