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Jack the Ripper Anniversary

Alex Riches

Mark the 125th Anniversary of the most infamous serial killer in history.

Jack the Ripper

Murderous ... You don't want to go for a stroll with this guy at night. 

ON 4th April 1888, Emma Smith died in hospital after being attacked in Whitechapel, London. Her death, though no-one knew it at the time, marked the start of the most notorious killing spree in history. A killing spree that saw as many as 11 people murdered during a five month period. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Jack the Ripper killings.

But how to mark this occasion? No-one ever caught him and we will probably never find out who it was. So instead of remembering the man, we remember the awful crimes he committed. Specifically, we remember all those he murdered in the summer of 1888.

There are many guided tours that go through London that take you to the places where the murders happened. Some even take you to the houses of those suspected of being the Ripper. One of the most famous ones is done by Jack the Ripper Tours and takes you to every single important place and building in the gruesome story. The tour starts at Aldgate East station, the place where Emma Smith was last seen before arriving home horrifically injured. This is widely agreed as the starting point for the Whitechapel Murders. The tour then winds its way around east London, stopping off at murder spots, houses and mortuaries.

Although ‘celebrating’ the anniversary of a serial killer is not a normal thing to do, all of the tours available are entertaining and educational. More than that though, the tours allow us to explore and understand our morbid curiosity for Jack the Ripper. You can find out more about the legend of Jack the Ripper by reading our story.

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