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How to build the perfect snowman

Jessie Brown

We show you how to build the perfect snowman and how to accessorize him or her.


Fashion...make a stylish snowman this weekend.     Photo: opencontent (Flickr)

THE UK has been covered in snow just in time for the weekend, making building a snowman the perfect activity for your Saturday or Sunday. But many international students don’t come from places where it snows, leaving you to ponder the technique of building a snowman. To save you from looking like a right loser in front of your British friends we are here to help.

The basics are:

  • Have a thick snow base to start with. If you can roll a good snowball then you can make a snowman.
  • Start with a compact snowball and roll it away from yourself so it collects snow off the ground, making the base.
  • All snowmen must have three levels; a base, middle and a head.
  • Accessories are key to the finished product. Think scarves, gloves, stick arms, carrot nose, beanies and anything your mind comes up with.
  • DO NOT make a giant snow phallus… while this may seem very funny (because it is) it has been done to death.

Watch this fast-track video of snowman construction to see the process. Note the child in an orange coat doing absolutely nothing. There is always one…

But this video may be a more realistic portrayal of what you will look like making a snowman. Have fun this weekend everyone!

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