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How much do you know about Great Britain?

Jessie Brown

Stuck inside with nothing to do? Take our quiz on Great Britain.

Great Britain quiz

GB ... see if you can fly the flag for Great Britain.   Photo: LaertesCTB (Flickr).

WITH snow declared across the UK we know you will be spending plenty of time indoors this weekend. So here is a way to keep occupied and learn at the same time…yes we said it learn. Take our trivia-based quiz on Great Britain. Inspired by pub trivia - quiz competitions which take place in drinking establishments across Britain - these questions cover general knowledge, sport, music and movies.

HINT: Our website holds clues to answer all of the questions below

  1. What is the most common street name in Britain?
  2. In what year was the modern day Olympic Games first held in London?
  3. Who is the British Prime Minister?
  4. Where does the Prime Minister live?
  5. In the TV show "Little Britain" what is the name of "the only gay in the village"?
  6. Which lake in Great Britain has the largest volume of water?
  7. In 2010 Colin Firth won an Oscar for his role in which film?
  8. Where did Kate Middleton and Prince William exchange marriage vows in their 2011 royal wedding?
  9. The Queens Diamond Jubilee was held to celebrate how many years on the throne?
  10. Why do Brits “Remember, remember the 5th of November”?
  11. According to legend which wizard counselled King Arthur?
  12. Who wrote the Harry Potter book series about a young wizard?
  13. Where is Millennium Stadium located?
  14. At which Scottish castle is there a canon displayed bearing the name Mons Meg?
  15. Who wrote the novel Pride & Prejudice?
  16. What is the annual cricket tournament called where England versus Australia?
  17. Which city did the band The Beatles come from?
  18. Which pop group coined the phrase ‘Girl Power’?
  19. What is celebrating its 150 years this year?
  20. Where is the Giant’s Causeway located?

 See the answers below and post your score in our Facebook comments box.


ANSWERS: 1. High Street, 2. 1908, 3. David Cameron, 4. Number 10 Downing Street, 5. Daffyd Thomas, 6. Loch Ness, 7. The King’s Speech, 8. Westminster Abbey, 9. 60 years, 10. It is Bonfire Night and marks the Gunpowder Plot, 11. Merlin, 12. J.K. Rowling, 13. Cardiff, Wales, 14. Edinburgh Castle, 15. Jane Austen, 16. The Ashes, 17. Liverpool, 18. The Spice Girls, 19. The Tube, 20. Northern Ireland.

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