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How much do you know about Andy Murray?

Dimple Vijaykumar

As Britain is in the grip of Murray mania, we take a quick look at the man himself.

Murray wins Wimbledon and holds gold cup trophy

Wimbledon ... Andy Murray cradles his trophy, finally victorious!   Photo: AnOnlineGreenWorld (Flickr)

DID you know that Andy Murray loves karaoke? We didn't. And since he's the man on everyone's lips today after winning Wimbledon, we thought we'd take a look at how much we really know about the newly-crowned king of tennis.

Andy Murray is Braveheart, William Wallace1) His love for Braveheart

True to his Scottish roots, his favourite movie is Braveheart, an Oscar-winning historical war drama starring Mel Gibson. It tells the story of William Wallace, a 13th-century Scottish landowner turned warrior who led the First War of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England. 

This has prompted many fans to claim that his intense battle against Djokovic on Centre Court yesterday has earned him his own title as a ‘British Braveheart’.

2) The other sport

Murray isn’t just a tennis ace, but used to be a star on the football pitch as well. At the tender age of 15, he had a few trials for the Glasgow Rangers and was offered a place at their School of Excellence. Murray’s grandfather Roy Erskine was also a professional footballer who played for Hibernian in the 1950s, which Murray now follows as a supporter. 

Juggling both sports, Murray eventually opted to follow his tennis dreams, and hasn’t looked back since.  
Although he chose not to go pro in football, he is still keen on the sport and says he plays ‘a lot of five-a-side football’ with his friends from back home in his spare time.  

3) He is a teetotaller

After a few embarrassing experiences during his Academy days in Barcelona as a teenager, Murray has committed to teetotalism. This is essentially where a person does not drink alcohol at all for various reasons. The Scotsman explains briefly in his autobiography that he turned his back on booze at the age of 16 after one night of having too many drinks resulted in him feeling the consequences of it in the morning. 

Instead, he likes to stick to his reputation as a model athlete by drinking healthier alternatives such as lemonade or orange juice rather than champagne and wine when celebrating match victories with his team.

4) The king of... karaoke?

In 2010, a video clip of Murray sporting an eyebrow-raising black wig and singing a version of the Jackson Five’s I Want You Back during a karaoke session at Roland Garros, was swiftly brought to the public’s eye. When asked what he thought of his rendition, he answered: ‘Actually, the singing was OK but the dancing was rubbish. I wasn't that happy with it, to be honest, but it was fun.’ 

A year later at Wimbledon, Serena Williams even extended a karaoke challenge to the British number one after Murray tweeted suggesting that he may sing to the crowd to pass the time while a day of non-stop rain delayed play at Queen’s.

Perhaps yesterday’s win will be another opportunity for him to belt out his favourite tunes, as he along with the rest of the nation will no doubt continue to celebrate his latest tennis triumph.

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