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Ghost tunnel brought back to life in London

Simon Westlake

A 98-year-old tube tunnel has been re-opened to show what it was like during the Blitz.

Ghost tunnel brought back to life in London

Blitz... picture taken in 1941 of Londoners sleeping in the Tube.        Photo: Hans Wild (Life images)

THE best kept secrets are the ones usually just under your nose, so goes the British saying, or in this case just below your feet. An abandoned section of the London Underground has re-opened for the first time in eight years and with it the secrets of the past have been released.

Although the tunnel itself is 98 years ‘young’ it has an amazing history. During world war two the Nazi bombing campaign on London was called the Blitz which is the German word for lightning. It struck fear into everyone in the city and has been etched into British history ever since. The London Transport Museum has commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Blitz by showing the public how people sheltered in Aldwych tunnel during Nazi bomb raids on the city. Scary stuff, with original posters, décor and even the track are all exactly the same as they were seven decades ago, it’s just like stepping back in time. The re-creation has even gone down to the smallest detail of the interior of the trains themselves.

Some of the things that went on inside this tunnel have been revealed since it was cracked open again. Secret missions during the war were carried out in the Underground tunnels including ‘Operation Elgin’. This operation was designed to keep treasures from around London museums safe from falling bombs. Paintings, artefacts and even priceless Elgin marbles that weighed hundreds of tons where moved underground during the war. Amazing stuff.

Also SAS (Special Air Service) used the station for exercises in preparation for London 2012 Olympics this year so the tunnel has really been alive this whole time.

You never know what’s going on beneath your feet…

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