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GB Mag’s festival survival guide

Jessie Brown

The alternative guide to making it through the festival terrain.

GB Mag’s festival survival guide

Music madness... Here's our ticklist for surviving music festivals

FESTIVAL season is upon us with everyone scuffling for tickets and perusing the Wellington boots online to find the ideal outfit. But with a great festival comes great responsibility…kind of. Every festival ticket brings the insurmountable joy of seeing your favourite acts perform live and enjoying the festival vibe. But we all know a festival is no walk in the park. So here is a list of the things you probably didn’t think about but definitely should consider before taking off for the summer.

Prepare to drop off the radar
Have your money ready to go, your bank transfers sorted and phone your mum to say goodbye because you are about to disappear for a few days. No matter how organised you are, the chance that your phone battery will last for the three days, or even your phone for that matter, it very slim. If you have a clingy girlfriend/boyfriend back home, then perhaps it’s time to invest in an all-terrain phone...

Punctuality…there is no such thing
Once you step into festival land there is really no point in trying to keep to a schedule because it’s just NOT going to happen. But make this work in your favour. Arrive early to grab the best camping spot and leave early to avoid traffic chaos on the last day.

Noise-cancelling headphones are your new best friend
Whether you are the one person in festival land trying to get to sleep early, or the many people trying to sleep off the effects of the night before, it is time to get nice and close with your headphones. Festival camp sites are a seething mass of people, noise and partying so don’t expect a tranquil country-side stay.

Befriend a tall person
If you don’t have one get one…a tall friend that is. Tall people act as excellent crowd-control, they are easy to spot when you lose the group and if you are a short person you can always climb your tall friend for a better festival view.

Onions have layers
Be an onion! No we don’t mean become a ball of eye-watering scent, though that will probably happen anyway. We mean dress in layers. The more you can peel off during the day and put back on at night, the less time you will have to spend walking to and from that muddy camp site.

Shower in a can
This one is simple. You are going to smell so just embrace it and pack plenty of spray deodorant.

Packaged is perfect
Forget the diet and those things called fruits and vegetables because a festival is no place for this. Anything that is packaged should be packed because packaged food will last longer and survive the treacherous festival world better.

Brand yourself
This sounds painful but it isn’t.  Choose something bright, ridiculous and outlandish to mark your campsite with because by day three the festival site is going to be a treacherous mess of mud and monotone tents, good luck finding yours.

Be a boy scout
Or a girl scout for that matter. This sounds like a nagging lesson from your parents but you need to organise a meeting point. No mobile service mixed with huge crowds means people will get lost and the only way to find a lonely lost friend is to create a meeting point so just do it!

These are our top tips but we want to hear yours. Drop them in the comment box below. If you want more information on the summer festivals check out our guides.

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