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Five things you didn’t know about St George

Jessie Brown

Learn about the dragon slaying patron saint of England.

Five things you didn’t know about St George

Fact file ... There is more to Saint George than dragon killing.

SAINT George’s Day is a time of celebration in England. The patron saint is one interesting character, saving a damsel in distress from a vicious dragon and converting a village to the Christian faith in his spare time. If you want to read the full harrowing story of St George and the dragon, check out our article. But if you want to know five random and probably useless facts then continue reading.

1. St George is everyone’s friend: Yep St George would be the most popular guy on Facebook if he was alive today. He is the patron saint of England, Georgia, Malta, Ethiopia and Palestine to name a few.

2. He probably never visited England: There is a saying, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”. This could be applied to St George because many historical accounts claim he never even visited England, despite being the patron saint. In fact the original patron saint was St Edmund the martyr.

3. He had nine lives: It is believed that St George was crushed between two spiked wheels and boiled in molten lead. Legend says neither killed him, sounds like a gruesome experience and about as believable as the dragon element of the story.

4. Lucky date: St George died on the same day that is recorded as Shakespeare’s birthday and date of death. Not sure if this is lucky or not…

5. He was a showman: It is common to see St George appear in Mummers' Plays during Easter and Christmas celebrations in the UK. Mummers Plays are best described as early pantomimes, check out our article explaining pantomimes here.

If you know any strange facts about this fearsome saint, post them in the comment box below.

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