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Five crazy moments in Eurovision Song Contest history

Rob Stares & Jessie Brown

Monsters, costumes and winners falling over - something always happens on Eurovision night. Check out these videos!

FROM crazy costumes to crazier songs, every Eurovision Song Contest has memorable moments. For those who don't hail from Europe, the Eurovision Song Contest probably seems a bit strange...because it is! To properly sum up just how 'different' this song contest is here are five mad moments from Eurovision history that are inspiring, incredible or just plain idiotic:

1. Dana International
Being the only transgender contestant to win Eurovision, Israel’s Dana International gained a lot of praise (and points) for her winning performance of Diva in 1998. She stole the show a year later when she went to give Sweden’s Charlotte Nilsson her winner’s trophy… and fell over.

2. Lordi rock Eurovision to the core
Eurovision loves a good costume, but monster-rockers Lordi certainly took things to a new level in 2006. Nobody thought the Finnish group would win in 2006, but Europe fell in love. Scoring the highest winning points total ever, Hard Rock Hallelujah was Eurovision at its finest.

3. Riverdance steal the show
Michael Flatley and Company became overnight superstars in 1994 when they showed the now-famous Irish dance to the world. This stunning performance during the Eurovision interval brought worldwide success - and prompted millions of people to try (and fail) to copy the dance.

4. Bucks Fizz
There was a time when Britain was pretty good at Eurovision and Bucks Fizz’s winning song Making Your Mind Up is a classic example. The group achieved legendary status at 1981’s competition when (SPOILER ALERT) Bobby G and Mike Nolan ripped Jay Aston and Cheryl Baker’s dresses off, revealing mini-skirts underneath.

5. Spain has a false start when opening the contest
If you’re going to use a recorded backing track to sing over, there’s always a risk of the music failing. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to Spanish group Azúcar Moreno in 1990. A problem with the recording meant the duo missed their cue and angrily walked back off stage.

That ends our crazy list of Eurovision GOLD moments! But it is all back this year with the show aired on television this Saturday 18th May. 

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