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Fish & Chips: The national British dish

Jessie Brown

This year marks the 25th annual Fish & Chip awards, so we take a look at the national takeaway dish.

Fish and chips

Yum ... There is nothing better than British fish and chips.       Photo: f10n4 (Flickr).

FISH and Chips are a national dish in Britain and have even been voted the most popular student takeaway choice. We take pride in our tasty, delicious and fresh takeaway option that is known the world over. If you have not yet tasted British fish and chips we demand that you stop reading now and run to the nearest store and purchase some battered scampi. If you have not even heard of this dish then we are not sure there is any hope left for you…

Fish and chips is a dish that involves fresh battered fish being deep fried along with potato chips and then lightly salted. It is often served with a lemon slice and mushy peas. But the best part is the smell that seeps out of the paper parcel it is all wrapped in…mmmmmmmm delicious. This dish is so popular we even have a yearly competition to find out where the best place to order is.

The National Fish & Chip Awards are in the 25th year this year. Basically businesses across the UK are nominated and then a panel of very lucky judges go on a taste-testing expedition to find out who is king. The reigning champions and the best places to get fish and chips in Britain are…drum roll.

  1. Marsh Mill in Thornton Lancashire
  2. Hanbury’s in Babbacombe, Devon
  3. Quayside in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Nominations are open now for the 2013 fish and chip title. Have you had good fish and chips? Tell us where in the comment box below.

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