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Doctor Who Turns 50

Alex Riches

We reveal the rumours surrounding the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Doctor Who Turns 50

Welcome back... All 11 Doctors returning for the 50th Anniversary in November. Photos: BBC Archive

A PERSON’S 50th birthday is a pretty big deal. Typical celebrations such as a cake, a party, and a lot of drinks are commonplace. But how do you celebrate when a TV series has its 50th birthday?

The people behind Doctor Who, the long running sci-fi drama on the BBC, certainly have a few ideas for the anniversary in November 2013. The plan is to create an hour long TV special for the viewers. This plays right to the producer’s strengths, as the TV show is well-known for making one-off specials for different events and holidays. For the last seven years the show has hosted a Christmas Day Special, all themed around the holiday spirit. But for the 50th Anniversary, something bigger than all of these will be needed to satisfy the eager audience, who have almost created a cult following for the famous show.

Thankfully, the producers and writers have come up with a great idea. Instead of having an episode where just one Doctor tries to save the whole of the universe, why not have many of them? More specifically, why not have 11 of them? That’s right. The Doctor Who team are in the process of trying to bring back all the previous actors that played the Doctors to help make the special episode that airs in later this year... Or at least that’s what the rumours are saying.

This does cause some problems though. Not all of the Doctors are still alive. William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and John Pertwee have all sadly dead. But through the modern marvel of CGI (computer graphic imaging), the editors can take footage of the actors in previous episodes and edit them to look as though they are responding to real people. So, we may yet see the return of the some the greatest Doctors there have ever been.

Just imagine it... 11 Doctors, all on screen at the same time, trying to defeat some desperately impossible challenge. Some of the fanatic Doctor Who fans may explode with happiness and excitement... Not literally we hope.

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