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David Beckham: This is your life

Alex Riches

The highlights of David Beckham’s 16 year international football career

David Beckham Career Biography

End of an era... We say 'happy retirement' to David Beckham: a legend of football.

AFTER announcing his retirement from professional football yesterday, it seems everyone has suddenly become obsessed with David Beckham again. And if you’ve never really followed football we can imagine this is a rather confusing time for you. So here’s our ‘low-down’ on the football career of David Beckham and why people care so much that he’s retiring.

1998 – World Cup debut
Having been left out of the previous England international line-up, Beckham finally made it to the pitch bearing the famous England ‘three lions’ emblem in 1998. He managed to score on his debut which heralded the national admiration that he has enjoyed ever since.

1998 – Red Card
With success there comes failure. And when Beckham came up against Diego Simeone of Argentina, failure is exactly what we got. A misplaced tackle, a trip and fall and Beckham was red carded for the first time in his international career. It also meant that England was a man down on the pitch. This meant the match was forced to into a draw and a penalty shootout which England lost. Not his finest day in the 'office'.

2001 – Free kick perfection
In 1998, 2001, 2006 Beckham’s legendary free kicks help secure multiple victories. But his most notable one was his amazing goal against Greece in 2001 to get England into the World Cup. We eventually lost out in the quarter finals, but it was Beckham that got us there. 

2003 – Split with Manchester United
After a falling out with club manager Sir Alex Ferguson, which saw him throw a football boot at Beckham hitting him on the forehead, Beckham decided it was time to move clubs. A world class player in his prime was an easy deal, so Real Madrid quickly snapped him up. He scored a belting goal on his debut, but this 'match-made-in-heaven' didn’t last long.

2006 – World Cup defeat
Every Brit will remember this one! The match was an early morning affair, so the whole country was able to watch England get thrashed (beaten) by Portugal whilst eating breakfast. Beckham tried his usual flair at free kicks, only to volley it into the stadium. Some memories are best forgotten...

2007 – Move to LA Galaxy
After the pain of losing the World Cup and his relationship with Real Madrid on the rocks, Beckham made the unexpected move to the USA and the Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2007. LA Galaxy would be his new home where he would try and bring North American football to the international stage. Safe to say, it didn’t really work.

2009 – AC Milan
After a disappointing few years at LA Galaxy, Beckham was loaned to AC Milan (the legendary Italian team). This would get Beckham back to form in time to qualify for the England squad for the 2011 World Cup.

2010 – Return to Old Trafford
The home of Manchester United was also home to Beckham for many years. But in 2010 he returned as the opponent in the AC Milan team facing a very strong Manchester side. Manchester was victorious, but Beckham was gracious in defeat and waved at the crowd.

2011 – No England for Beckham
Sadly, all the training didn’t help. The then manager of the England International team, Fabio Capello, said that whilst he was glad Beckham could help out he felt Beckham was ‘probably is a little too old’ for international football...

2013 – Goodbye Beckham
After leaving LA Galaxy in early 2013, Beckham moved to Paris St Germain early this year. He helped the French side win the French L1 League, but announced his retirement from the sport at the end of the season. After 16 years in international football, it ends with Beckham being victorious. He couldn’t have asked for a better end.

Not since the days of George Best and Sir Bobby Charleton have the English crowds been able to support a player of such calibre. Sure, Beckham was never able to bring the World Cup back to Wembley and he’ll end his career overseas. But for all the reasons listed above David Beckham will surely go down in history as one of the all-time great English football players. Well done, Becks. Now enjoy your retirement!  

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