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Crazy Pancake Day activities in the UK

Alex Riches

Pancake races, obstacle courses and a lot of pancake batter...

Pancake day

Flip ... Time to enjoy Pancake Day activities in the UK.    Photo: Photo Verulum (Flickr)

YOU should know by now that Brits are crazy and Pancake day is no exception. Why just sit in on Pancake Day? Flipping pancakes in your house can be so boring when you compare it to some of the stuff you could be doing outside. GB Mag is here to bring you up to speed on some unusual ways to celebrate Shrove Tuesday:

1. The Better Bankside Pancake Day Race is, as you might have guessed, a Pancake Day race. You turn up at the Borough Market near London Bridge, sign up with the organisers (all proceeds go to charity), grab a trusty frying pan and pancake and set off on an unusual relay race. Once the race is done you can watch a team of professional pancake tossers flip pancakes the way you’ve always wanted to. And we’ll give you ten guesses what is on the menu for later... Pancakes. Well, what else did you expect?

London Bridge,

13th February 12pm-2pm

2. Seeing as this is a traditional celebration, why not celebrate it in a traditional way? The people at Ironbridge in Telford in the West Midlands certainly think this way. The people at Blists Hill Victorian Town have decided that the female workers at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum should dress up in Victorian attire, complete with large dresses and parasols, and take part in a Pancake Day obstacle course. Okay, maybe the last bit isn’t all that traditional. But watching people stumble about in oversized dresses is surely worth the trip?


18th – 21st February 12pm

3. How are your cooking skills? Why not learn some fancy ways to make a pancake? Fortnum and Mason is holding cooking demonstrations on the 12th February near Piccadilly to help people perfect their flavours and hone their pancake tossing skills.

Piccadilly Circus, London

12th February 11am

4. What do you think of when people say Pancake Day? Pancakes, obviously. But what about football? Well, since the 12th Century, Ashbourne Shrovetide Football Team in Derbyshire has played a game of football on a pitch three miles long. People are welcome to follow the ball along the streets, but there is a warning. There are more than 50 players on each team, so you never really know where the next tackle is coming from. Plus there are not many rules, so every player needs to be on their guard!

Derbyshire, Midlands

21st& 22nd February

These are just a few events going on this week around the UK. But if going out is not your thing, we’re sure you can have a ‘flipping’ good time making pancakes at home... Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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