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British Customs Meghan Will Have to Learn!

The Californian-born, former actress, Meghan Markle has wed Prince Harry, who is fifth in line to the throne. This makes her the first American to marry into the British Royal family since 1937, when the Duke of Windsor married the American socialite, Wallis Simpson.

The role of a Royal will be something that Megan Markle will have been swotting up on since the wedding was announced. Some of them are straight forward rules but some are a bit more unusal and a tad confusing. 

Royal protocols Megan Markle will have to follow

It's all in the title.  Contrary to what most people think Meghan Markle has not become a princess by marrying Prince Harry. As Meghan doesn’t have royal blood she won’t be called Princess Meghan, instead she’ll be referred to as Her Royal Highness, just like Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton.

Learning the art of a proper British curtsy. Remembering who to curtsy to will be the first thing Megan has had to learn. She must remember to curtsy for the Queen, Kate Middleton, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie but she doesn’t have to curtsy for Royals like the Countess of Wessex, unless her husband Prince Edward is in the room.

Holding your knife and fork the British way. In America the etiquette is to hold your fork in your left hand and knife in your right. Once the food is cut you place your knife down, swap your fork to your right hand to eat. In the UK the fork remains in your left hand.

Follow the Queen’s lead. Watching the Queen at all times isn’t optional as Megan will have to make sure she stops eating when the Queen does at formal banquets and stands when the Queen stands.

Keeping it classy. Megan can no longer wear dresses without tights, wear coloured nail polish (only nude colours) chew gum, yawn, grimace or frown in public. Nor can she use colloquialisms and her face must remain poker straight and composed at all times.

She can no longer eat shellfish. This is done as a preventative measure against food poisoning.

No more selfies. The Royals are not allowed to take selfies and nor are they allowed to have social media accounts. Hence, Meghan Markle has deleted her accounts.

She must always travel with black attire. That is suitable for a funeral, in case she has to travel back for a funeral unexpectantly.

She cannot vote. As a member of the Royal family she has no voting rights and must remain politically neutral in public.

She must learn the etiquette of drinking tea. Yes, there is a correct way to hold a tea cup and for that matter a glass of water and even a cup of coffee.

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